Welcome to the Dance Co.

Dance classes for all, 4-60 years of age

Viv Pullin started as a student dance teacher at the age of 16, in the Pinelands North Primary School, along side the then resident teacher, Viviene. In between teaching and dancing professionally, Viv also did a Degree in Radiography and became affectionately know as the dancing Radiographer. However Viv's passion for dance stayed with her, and 35 years ago, the Viv Pullin School of Dance was born.

In 1977, Viv married an italian and started a studio in Italy which she ran very successfully for 6 years in the town of Molfetta and Trani. In 1982 Viv returned to Cape Town and the Viv Pullin School of Dance reopened in the Congregational Church Hall, in Pinelands. The studio had about 150 pupils and offered modern and dance fitness classes.

Jen Stretch joined the Viv Pullin School of Dance in 1990, and quickly became Viv's right hand lady, the time she has put into teaching and the morning dance classes has been invaluable. To add to this, Jen has become one of the best costume designers in Cape Town and also runs the very successful Rondebosch branch of The Dance Co.

We also offer the Dance Fitness Club which caters for all who enjoy exercise in dance form. The Dance Co is a studio that offers dance, movement and fitness to all, from 4 years of age to 60 years old. Contact us or read class info here about our dance classes.


Italy Tour

Modern is a style which has evolved over many years and is free form dance based on ballet with a very strict technique but allows the pupils to explore to all types of music including musical theatre for eg west side story.

This is a programme introducing dance to little ones from 4 years of age .It is based on ballet and free movement and allows the pupils to express themselves through dance and teaches the first few steps of movement like running, pointing toes etc.

is taught by SANNETTE VAN DER MESCHT and is part of Dance co but is taught in another venue .Method is Ceccetti and pupils can do exams etc.

is taught as part of the syllabus DANCE COR which is an intergral part of our teaching method .Contemporary dance is a style that centres on a dancers own interpretation instead of very structured steps as in BALLET.

This is a style and method of DANCE and Fitness developed by VIV PULLIN after doing many workshops with PAT GUSH who founded this technique .The class focuses on basic human movement with viby music to set the mood.

is very rhythmic & involves flexibility & isolations, moving a certain body part independently from others - feet grounded, chest down, & body kept loose so that a dancer can easily alternate between hitting the beat or riding through it.

Italy Tours

Viv lived and worked in italy for many years, she speaks the language and knows the culture. Since 2002, she has been taking pupils to Italy to participate in an international Eisteddfod in Cesena italy.

This has become a bi annual event and many pupils/moms/ dads have been enriched by this experience. The Cape Town team has won numerous awards and above all have had the Italian Expierience. Places that are visited are Rome, Como, Cessena, Gubbio, Molfetta, Trani, Gatteomare, Pompei and Sorrento.